Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Simple Wedding Cakes Design

Simple things are always beautiful and so are simple wedding cakes. Wedding cake designs that are very intricate or offbeat are often expensive. The taste and the appearance of the wedding cake should be good.

You can simply stick sugar flowers to form a design or draw it with butter cream. You can draw beautiful floral designs on all tiers of the cake. Your cake design depends a lot on the season you are getting married apart from your personal preferences. The colors you choose also could largely depend on the season and this quite helps in setting the mood for the wedding.

For instance, if you are getting married in spring, you could include all the colors of the spring. You could draw blossomed flowers on the cake. The gaiety and cheerful mood of the spring would set a nice tone for a spring wedding. You could place vibrant pink flowers on a simple three tier white cake. These flowers could be made of sugar or gum paste. You can also draw these flowers on the cake.

Polka dots on cake look fabulous. Polka dots on just about anything from cake to clothes have always been known to look trendy and faddish. These dots look good in any pastel shade on a simple white 3 tiered cake.

A basket weave is simple and looks good. A white basket of a three tiered white cake looks amazing. You could decorate this basket with fruits or flowers of your choice. You could use fresh ones or the ones made from edible sugar or gum.

Cherry blossoms look wonderful on a wedding cake and also have a deep meaning in some traditions. Cherry blossom trees look wonderful and they make you stop and gaze at them. Cherry blossoms indicate beauty of women especially in Japanese culture. You can draw or paste cherry blossoms on any white or pastel color cake.


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