Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Creative Ideas for Fall Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are the primary concern for all the couples irrespective of the entire theme and the budget decided for the ceremony. They want their wedding cake to be the best in world and should draw attention of all the guests. Hence, couples put in a lot of efforts to select the cake for the ceremony.

As you have decided to go in for fall wedding cakes, check out the cake designs that would be relevant to this theme. There are numerous options for themed wedding cakes. You can consult your wedding planner and finalize a single design. While selecting the cake, you should check out some important factors such as the flavor, design and the shape of the cake. Check out pictures of wedding cake to get more ideas.

You can either go in for a simple cake in golden color or a simple decoration with golden leaves. These golden color leaves would resemble the dried leaves which are a common phenomenon during the fall season. You should try out the designs that would perfectly portray the nature during fall season. This would be relevant to the theme as well.

You can use the seasonal fruits such as berries and leaves to decorate the cake. You can also go in for edible accessories in the shape of flowers or leaves for decorating the cake. You can prepare your own personalized accessories using your own ideas.

The shape of the cake could be either a combination of two or more geometrical figures. You can also go in for the shape of the pillows stacked on top of each other or go in for simple shape such as square or round.

In case, you are going in for simple shaped wedding cake, you can make it more fascinating by bring about some beautiful quotes or calligraphy on them. You can also make some designs of leaves and flowers on them. An excellent idea would be to go in for the cakes in the shape of the nest. You can decorate the cakes with colorful birds and plants.

The creative ideas mentioned above will help you fetch the best fall wedding cake for the ceremony. It would help you to get some innovative designs for the cake.


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