Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Difference Between a Bridal Shower Cake and a Wedding Cake

Is there really a difference? For years, I thought that a cake is a cake and what matters is the way it looks and tastes. But apart from the fact that both of them are cakes, there is a big difference between a Wedding Cake and a Bridal Shower Cake. The origin of these differences lies in the origin of these occasions.

A bridal shower cakes are different than a wedding cakes in terms of tradition and meaning. Bridal Shower is an informal event arranged by the bride’s close friends. It is a way of sending her off in a new role, whereas wedding is a traditional bonding between a man and a woman which not only unites them, but also their families.

Bridal Shower is a party. There are no set ground rules or etiquettes to carry it out. You can modify it according to the bride’s likes and dislikes. Many different customs have developed in various regions regarding the bridal shower. Traditionally, this was just a gift-giving party arranged by the bride’s friends to help her start her new life. Now-a-days, it is more of an excuse for the bride to spend a quality time with her close ones and have some party time. These days, the custom of ordering a cake for the bridal shower according to the theme has been picking up fast. But it is not a mandatory requirement. It is just a visual treat and is typically used as a centrepiece.

Wedding is considered as one of the seven sacraments. It is a formal announcement of the bride and the groom’s decision to spend the rest of their lives together. A wedding cake is usually multi-layered, multi–tiered and heavily decorated with sugar icing. It is a symbol of the love and commitment of the couple with each other. Traditionally, a white wedding cakes symbolized the purity of bride. Cutting the cake together symbolizes the first joint task carried out by the married couple. However, these symbolisms are outdated today. Now-a-days, the sexist meaning of the traditional white wedding cake has taken a backseat and is used mostly as a centerpiece and a visual treat.


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