Monday, 13 February 2012

How to decorate Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique Wedding Cakes

It was not at all a simple walk for me when I thought of ordering a simple wedding cake and decorate it on my own. Hence, I thought of sharing my experience with you all to help all of you who have taken up similar initiative.

I began my journey for decoration of the wedding cakes by collecting the information about the different wedding cakes that are available. There were pictures of unique wedding cakes which were available. Besides these, I surfed various websites and recipe books to get information about the different wedding cake designs and tips for the decorating the cake.

It would also inform you about the latest trends and accessories which would be used for the purpose of decorating the cake. One should go through the different trinkets that are available to accessorize your cake.

I selected the best one which would be required for the cake. You can try out preparing the trinkets on your own. This will help you to save the money spend on the purchasing these accessories.

Flowers are an excellent option to decorate your cake. While selecting the accessories, you can go in for only those that would complement well with the theme for the ceremony. There are plenty of options which are required for decorating the wedding cake.

After collecting the necessary details, the next step that I undertook was to prepare an outline of the cake and the decoration on it using my ideas. I did this with the help of the online tools available for the purpose. This gave me a brief idea about the appearance of the cake after its completion.

Besides these, I also tried out to write up some message in the form of artistic calligraphy on the cake. All these would be really helpful for decorating the wedding cake. Once the designs and the plan for decoration have been finalized, I consulted a cake designer for the same. He advised me some changes in the plan and the final outcome was as desired.

The decoration done on my cake was the point of discussion at the party and got plenty of compliments for the same. The ideas discussed here will help you to decorate your unique wedding cakes.

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