Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Make Your Occassion Happy With Wedding Cakes

The concept of a wedding ceremony stems from the fact that it is supposed to be a celebration of the brand new life embarked upon together by the bride and the groom. It is but expected that the programme should be a grand event not just for the bride and groom, but for the entire gathered wedding party. It is imperative that you make your occassion happy with wedding cakes.

Why wedding cakes in particular? Well, for one, everybody loves cakes. Secondly, it has always been a long standing tradition to cut cakes during weddings. In fact, wedding cakes are so popular, they even make up a very important aspect of the wedding planning. The wedding planner has to sit down and decide how much budget has to be set aside for the wedding cake, what quantity would be perfect, especially when considering the guest strength, what flavors to incorporate into the cake, how to decorate the wedding cake (keeping the decor of the surroundings in mind et cetera).

There are a number of facts the wedding cake designer should make clear to the wedding cake baker and/or wedding bake designer- the patterns of the cake, size, and ingredients, being some of them.

Wedding cakes in Europe

Wedding cakes are all the rage in Europe where people go to great lengths to stylize them. French wedding cakes are the biggest culprits of this. There are high end bakers in Paris, who charge unreasonable amounts of money to bake the most scrumptious kinds of cake possible. They make these cakes highly elaborate, perhaps reflecting the festivity and importance that food symbolizes in Europe.

Paris, and in general, France, is the epi-center of stylized wedding cakes as that is where you will find all the “wedding cake designers” just ready, and waiting to add a touch of glamor to your wedding ceremony, by baking the best cakes possible for varying prices.

It isn't a coincidence that the first multi-tiered cakes were baked by a Parisian baker in the 19th century. It is here that wedding cakes were given fancy patterns and designs with the help of fondant frosting. The cakes were often based upon patterns of women's clothing and accessories, which is why you would find the cakes emulating fabrics like lace, silk, or have rows of edible pearls attached to them. Other ornamentation for the cakes included flowers, especially white roses and lilies for white wedding cakes, arranged in such a way that it looks like they are cascading down the multiple tiers of the cake.

The aforementioned practices not only hold true for France, but also other European countries like Italy and the United Kingdom.

You don't need a big budget to include a cake into your function. You could just prepare one at home as well, and creatively decorate it with icing (through piping bags) and place fresh flowers or sprinkle edible pearls on it. As long as you make your occassion happy with wedding cakes, by hook or by crook.


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