Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Choose the Right Taste Your Christmas Wedding Cakes

Christmas weddings are preferred more nowadays by couples as they want to add the excitement and joy of the festivity to their wedding and make it more enjoyable. The festive mood is contagious and couples put in all efforts to make their Christmas weddings as special as possible. They plan every part of their wedding well in advance and especially the wedding cake. Christmas wedding cakes become the highlight of Christmas weddings and it is essential to choose the right taste that would be enjoyed by one and all.

Ideas to Choose Christmas Wedding Cakes with the Right Taste

You can do a simple research to know the varieties available in wedding cakes that would match your taste and also your Christmas wedding theme. Decide whether you want a cake recipe based on fondant or a simple white wedding cake. You can also opt for a fruit-based cake recipe or jam based recipe depending upon your taste and budget.

It is also easy to buy a simple white fondant cake and decorate it with different things like flowers, ribbons, toppers, and ornaments. Since yours would be a Christmas wedding add elements that would remind everyone of the festive season. Snowflakes, red accents, pinecones, Christmas trees, and Santa with Reindeers, etc., can be used to decorate your wedding cake and make your Christmas wedding a truly special event that would be remembered by everyone for many years to come.

Rich colored fondants in red and green can also be used on alternate tiers of your cake and also decorate your cake with flowers like daisy and cherries. This would reflect the spirit of Christmas in a unique way. You can opt for cookies as wedding favors that are famously used in Christmas or winter wedding. Snowball cookies are very popular cookies that can be given to your guests as wedding favors. This would delight your guests to no end and they would remember your Christmas wedding with a big smile.

If you want to try something different you can opt for cupcake wedding cakes that taste really out-of-the-world. Cupcake fruit recipes would be ideal for your Christmas wedding. You can arrange for a cake stand that resembles a fountain setup and place the cupcakes on it. Place a larger cake at the top with a snowman cake topper. Cake icing paints can also be used to decorate the cupcakes. For example, paint them red and green alternatively. If you have the time, prepare fondant icing and cut them into desired shapes like snowflakes. Decorate each cupcake with the icing and your Christmas wedding cake is ready.

Ice-Blue Wedding Cake

Make your cake the perfect reflection of the snow and blue sky. Choose a simple three tier white fondant cake and wrap each tier at the bottom with ice-blue colored satin ribbons. Icing in the shapes of small stars and dots can be designed on each tier to make your cake really cool.

Get ready to be showered by praises from your wedding guests for your yummy and stunning wedding cake.


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