Friday, 11 November 2011

Wedding Cake Designs

wedding Cake Designs

The most fun part about wedding planning is deciding on your wedding cake and wedding cake designs.

Many a times, the bride and groom have arguments over their tastes with regards to the presentation of the bridal shower. So it is ideal that the newlyweds make a joint decision together and plan the design well in advance.

Traditional wedding cake design

The most traditional wedding cake designs tend to be beautiful floral patterns on the cake. Usually, if it is an elegant white wedding cake, the design will be that of white flowers with slender green or white stems and leaves branching out across the entirety of the cake or growing on different tiers, if it is a multi tiered wedding cake.

Prince William and Kate Middleton had a variation of this design for the wedding cake at their royal ceremony. They went for a floral print on a fruit cake.

Taking another traditional cue from the royal wedding, it is a highly romantic idea to have the initials of the couple intertwined on the cake itself.

Designer wedding cakes

Remember the miniature bride and bridegroom on the top of a multi layered cake? That imagery has become extremely quaint with the advent of designer wedding cakes. Here, the bride and groom hire specialized bakers who are capable of personalizing the wedding cake designs and ornamentations to the nth degree, under the supervision and detailed requests of the married couple to be.

Some other ideas would be to base the color and pattern of the wedding cake on the decor of the wedding venue. A red wedding cake would be suitable for a wedding venue decked out in warm red drapes. Similarly, if there are any specific patterns and motifs featured prominently in the wedding decor or bridal gown, you may have your designer replicate those exact same patterns on your wedding cake as well.

Flowers, ferns, and beads also make for pretty wedding cake ornaments of the inedible kind.

You may enlist the help of various online photo galleries and magazines dedicated to wedding cake designs to make your choice. Just remember one thing. Ultimately, it is your taste that should be satisfied and if that one criterion is not met properly, then there is no point in dressing up the cake in a way meant only to impress the wedding guests gathered at the ceremony. Put yourself first and foremost, always.

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