Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creative Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding shower cakes are very special as they are special for the bride, the most important person of a wedding. It’s her most special day, so it is only obvious that you choose a wedding shower cakes that is loved by her. If you are the bride and you want to make a spectacular cake for your wedding shower, just keep in mind some of the things like season and theme of your wedding.

You can try out different ideas to make your cake memorable and creative. You would definitely like it when some of your guests would appreciate your creativity and efforts to show your love for your partner. If you are planning for a winter wedding, then plan your shower cake accordingly. You can try out new things on your winter wedding cakes to make them suitable for your shower party.

Make Your Wedding Shower Special

You can opt for simple square wedding cakes and can transform them into superb wedding shower cakes for your winter wedding. One excellent idea would be to make your square cake to be a dinner table with all the typical arrangement of dinner plates and side plates. For this, you would just have to prepare a rectangle shaped fondant large enough to cover the entire cake and you should be able to drape it over the cake like a table cloth.

Use fondant of the exact color as the napkins to be used by the bride for her reception, cut it into small squares and fold them like napkins. In the same way, cut small rounds of fondant of white fondant for dinner and side plates. You can also make glasses out of fondant but this would need expertise, so it would be better if you can just use real small glasses. This would be a real showstopper adding oomph to your wedding shower. You can wow your guests with the fully edible wedding shower cake.

You can also include some girlish ideas like bridal dress cakes, for this you can buy the body from a nearby store and wrap it with fondant of the color of your actual wedding gown. This would add a personal touch to it and you can try to add embellishments or carvings as per the original dress.

You can also use toppers in a very creative way to make your winter wedding cake beautiful. You can choose a beautiful bride in her wedding gown waiting among snowflakes for her groom to come. Such a topper on your cake would not need anything more special. It is important for you to choose and incorporate only those ideas which would suit your budget the best.


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