Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ideas on Hawaiian Wedding Cakes

The first thing that comes to our mind, when we think about the Hawaiian wedding is the scenic beauty of the beach. Hence, majority of the couples go in for the beach wedding theme. The wedding cake is also an unavoidable attribute of a wedding ceremony.

The cake should be relevant to the theme and fulfill all your expectations from a beautiful wedding cake. The cake in the shape and appearance of the sand castle are an important aspect for the wedding.

There are some amazing ideas such as decorating the cake with plenty of nuts, flowers or seasonal fruits. It is very simple to prepare the wedding cake using the recipe. You have to make arrangement of all the required ingredients and follow the recipe. These recipes can be easily sought from various online sites or books.

Some fascinating ideas which can be used for your Hawaiian wedding cakes are listed here. You can go in for a wedding cake that properly exhibit your personality and suit your themes. The most popular colors which would be suitable to this theme include blue, white or sea green.

You can take the inspiration of the nature around and develop a design for the cake. This may include a cake in the shape of two coconut trees about to embrace each other with a figurine of bride and groom beneath them. The attire of the figurine should be casual attire with colorful floral prints. You can bring about the cake resembling a beach scene with a topper of couple in a romantic pose.

Some of the popular Hawaiian wedding cake flavors include blue berry, chocolate, strawberries, vanilla or some unusual flavor such as guava. You can also go in for a yummy blend of coconut, cream and chocolate for your cake. You can go in for decorating the stand and try to bring about the ambience similar to a beach.

You can also decorate it with sea conches, star fish and seasonal flowers that would be available. An option would be to go in for castle wedding cake and decorate it with toppers. The ideas mentioned here will help you to bring about Hawaiian wedding cake idea and fulfill all your dreams.

You can also use this type of cake in your wedding party and make your wedding party unforgettable.


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