Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gorgeous Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcake wedding cake are one of the most recent trends in weddings. Couples go in for cupcakes of their favorite flavor. You can go in for some amazing varieties and styles of cupcakes. They are available in different flavors and styles of wedding cakes.

Cupcakes are more feasible and affordable than a big multi tiers cake. You can order for the number of cupcakes depending upon the guests invited for the ceremony. This would avoid wastage of the cakes. You can get the desired number of cupcakes depending upon the requirements. The couple can choose two to three different flavors of cupcakes.

These cupcakes are available in the various flavors, shapes, and sizes. You can check out the available varieties of cupcakes and choose the one you like. You can get ideas from the pictures of cupcakes. You can get some designer cupcake baskets and cake stands for your cupcakes.

This will help you to bring out a unique variety of the cupcakes. You can get some beautiful designs of cupcakes baskets and stands to keep them. These stands are available in various styles. You can arrange for the cupcakes in various patterns and styles on these stands.

You can decorate the cake with the help of flowers or the accessories available. You can personalize your cupcakes using your own creative ideas. There are plenty of ideas such as cupcakes in the shape of the animals, birds, etc.

The arrangement of the cupcakes could be in various styles and designs. You can go in for the heart shaped accessories such as on the top of the each cupcake or embellish it with dry fruits. You can go in for cupcakes of similar flavor at alternate layers of the cupcake stand. You can also decorate it with colorful ribbons or toppers depending upon the design finalized.

The cupcakes selected should be relevant to the wedding theme. For instance: You can go in for cupcakes in white color in silver cupcake wrappers. These wrappers and stand are available in plenty of designs and colors. You can go in for the suitable ones that match with the decoration at the wedding ceremony.

You can go in for simple wedding cake at the top of the cake stand followed by layers of cupcakes beneath. The ideas mentioned here will surely help you to get some amazing varieties of cupcakes for your wedding.


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