Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Make Your Occassion Happy With Wedding Cakes

The concept of a wedding ceremony stems from the fact that it is supposed to be a celebration of the brand new life embarked upon together by the bride and the groom. It is but expected that the programme should be a grand event not just for the bride and groom, but for the entire gathered wedding party. It is imperative that you make your occassion happy with wedding cakes.

Why wedding cakes in particular? Well, for one, everybody loves cakes. Secondly, it has always been a long standing tradition to cut cakes during weddings. In fact, wedding cakes are so popular, they even make up a very important aspect of the wedding planning. The wedding planner has to sit down and decide how much budget has to be set aside for the wedding cake, what quantity would be perfect, especially when considering the guest strength, what flavors to incorporate into the cake, how to decorate the wedding cake (keeping the decor of the surroundings in mind et cetera).

There are a number of facts the wedding cake designer should make clear to the wedding cake baker and/or wedding bake designer- the patterns of the cake, size, and ingredients, being some of them.

Wedding cakes in Europe

Wedding cakes are all the rage in Europe where people go to great lengths to stylize them. French wedding cakes are the biggest culprits of this. There are high end bakers in Paris, who charge unreasonable amounts of money to bake the most scrumptious kinds of cake possible. They make these cakes highly elaborate, perhaps reflecting the festivity and importance that food symbolizes in Europe.

Paris, and in general, France, is the epi-center of stylized wedding cakes as that is where you will find all the “wedding cake designers” just ready, and waiting to add a touch of glamor to your wedding ceremony, by baking the best cakes possible for varying prices.

It isn't a coincidence that the first multi-tiered cakes were baked by a Parisian baker in the 19th century. It is here that wedding cakes were given fancy patterns and designs with the help of fondant frosting. The cakes were often based upon patterns of women's clothing and accessories, which is why you would find the cakes emulating fabrics like lace, silk, or have rows of edible pearls attached to them. Other ornamentation for the cakes included flowers, especially white roses and lilies for white wedding cakes, arranged in such a way that it looks like they are cascading down the multiple tiers of the cake.

The aforementioned practices not only hold true for France, but also other European countries like Italy and the United Kingdom.

You don't need a big budget to include a cake into your function. You could just prepare one at home as well, and creatively decorate it with icing (through piping bags) and place fresh flowers or sprinkle edible pearls on it. As long as you make your occassion happy with wedding cakes, by hook or by crook.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Inexpensive Wedding Cakes That Look Gorgeous

Everytime you go to a wedding, and see a vibrant and beautiful wedding cake, you begin to wonder- I wish I had such a lovely wedding cake for myself. However, there are hardly any bakeries which avail of such magnificient multi-tiered wonders for a reasonable price, and you tend to overspend, or feel disappointed that you cannot purchase the wedding cake of your fantasies. You may find that there exist bakeries which offer wedding cakes at cheap prices, but then these cakes may end up tasting like rock and soil. It is for this reason that when it comes to inexpensive wedding cakes that look gorgeous, we must first try our hand at some competent wedding planning, and instead of lunging for cheap wedding cakes, go the safer route.

Which would be to prepare your own cake. It may sound incredibly difficult and time consuming, but it is fairly simple, and if you are able to manage time pretty efficiently, you would also be able to get things done well before deadlines.

Going about Preparing You Own Multi Tiered Wedding Cake

While the ingredients required, and the actual procedure for baking the cake will be easily found elsewhere, here on this blog, we will quickly tell you what the essentials for preparing a homemade multi-tiered wedding cake are.

You will most definitely need a hand held mixer to mix all the ingredients like flour, eggs and fruit mixture together. Secondly you would require baking molds of different sizes to make different tiers of the cake. After the cakes are baked in these molds, you need to carefully remove them, and place them one on top of the other, in ascending order of size. You could also purchase cake molds of different shapes (stars and hearts being some unique examples which happen to be very much in demand).

Of course, the entire effect lies in the frosting. For adept frosting, you really need to have skills with the piping bag. Even if you personally don't, you could get a friend who is skilled to help you with the frosting. You could look online for inspiration, when it comes to wedding cake patterns and designs. You could also prepare fondant, and cover the cake with it, though we strongly suggest you do not, as there is nothing more fake looking and unhealthy as fondants. You could, however, use hardened sugar and whipped cream to uniformly cover the cake.

Cheap Ornamentations for the Wedding Cake

You should not depend upon a wedding cake designer to come up with a visually popping look for your wedding cake. There are a number of cake decors which come cheap, and are exquisite to look at. Some of these cake ornaments include- fruits, especially ripe strawberries, cherries, grapes and slices of lemon. Flowers like roses, lilies, and jasmine are traditionally used to adorn multi-tiered cakes, usually in a fashion, where it appears that they are cascading down the tiers of the cake. Edible pearls are also incredibly cheap to get by, which you could sprinkle over your cake.

These were our suggestions regarding inexpensive cakes that look gorgeous. Practical, delightful, and best of all, you do not have to burn a severe hole in your pocket for it!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wedding Cake Charms

Wedding cake charms are very useful and used for various purposes by the couple. People go in for the different types of the wedding charms. They are available in various designs and prices. They are also prepared from different materials. You can go in for the best one based on your own requirements and ideas.

There are plenty of choices and designs of wedding cake charms which are available for the cake. It is a very common and significant etiquette to inform the guests that you have used these charms in the cakes. You can use it in different varieties of cakes such as castle wedding cake.

You might have guests who are not aware of the significance of the charm. Hence, along with announcing about the inclusion of the charm, make sure to inform them about its significance. You can do this by preparing a chart including the information of the charms and their meaning alongside. This will act as assistance to the guests to understand the meaning of the charm.

These charms have been used during the ancient times. The origin of this tradition dates back to the Victorian age. Since then these charms have become an important part of the ceremony. It is quite popular even today.

These charms are not prepared of edible material. They are baked inside the cake. Hence, it is necessary to inform the baker beforehand about including these charms in the cakes. Some of the most common cake charms which have been used in the cake include the castle wedding cakes, sun, show, star, seagull, shoes, heart and many more. There is a very long list of charms that can be used in the wedding cake.

The couple can bring about the likes and dislikes and then finalize the best one for the cake. You can prepare a list of the charms that you want to use in the cake. Check out the significance of each of these charms before finalizing it.

You have to give this list to the baker and then finalize the best one for it. These charms can also be inserted inside the cake after preparing it. However, while doing so, you should try to do it carefully without damaging the smooth surface of the cake.

Some useful guidelines and the importance of the wedding cake charms are mentioned above.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Unique Wedding Cake Flavors

Unique wedding cake flavors are never-ending varieties. It becomes really confusing the couple to come down to only one flavor for the cake. I have to undergo this similar dilemma for selecting the perfect and unique flavor for the wedding cakes.

I began searching about the latest trends for the flavors. I prepared the list of the flavors which would be a possible choice for the cakes. I also discussed about these unique flavors with my partner and the friends. They suggested me the best option among them.

Based on this discussion, I selected a very unique wedding cakes flavors for the cake which was a lemon black berry cake. The next step that I undertook is to surf the internet and find out information and recipe for preparing a lemon black berry cake.

In order to begin, I tired preparing this cake at a small scale at the home before making the final attempt for the ceremony. This will also prepare a very beautiful wedding cake for the ceremony. When my attempts to prepare this cake were successful after three unsuccessful attempts, my friends gave me full marks for my fourth attempt.

This boosted up my confidence to prepare a huge cake for more than two hundred guests to be expected to come for the wedding. Later on I sat down to decide about the decoration that can be used to bring out beautiful and alluring effect to the cake.

Some accessories were prepared on my own with the help of fondant. I prepared some lovely flowers for the purpose of decoration. I also visited the local bakeries to find out some beautiful toppers that would match the type of cake prepared by you.

You can go in for the traditional approach for the decorating the cake or try out some innovative ideas. There are toppers available which would resemble the bride and groom. They are available in different poses.

Accessories which are relevant to the different themes can be used for decorating the cake. I hope my experiences would be very helpful for you all to go in for a unique wedding cake flavor.

Monday, 13 February 2012

How to decorate Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique Wedding Cakes

It was not at all a simple walk for me when I thought of ordering a simple wedding cake and decorate it on my own. Hence, I thought of sharing my experience with you all to help all of you who have taken up similar initiative.

I began my journey for decoration of the wedding cakes by collecting the information about the different wedding cakes that are available. There were pictures of unique wedding cakes which were available. Besides these, I surfed various websites and recipe books to get information about the different wedding cake designs and tips for the decorating the cake.

It would also inform you about the latest trends and accessories which would be used for the purpose of decorating the cake. One should go through the different trinkets that are available to accessorize your cake.

I selected the best one which would be required for the cake. You can try out preparing the trinkets on your own. This will help you to save the money spend on the purchasing these accessories.

Flowers are an excellent option to decorate your cake. While selecting the accessories, you can go in for only those that would complement well with the theme for the ceremony. There are plenty of options which are required for decorating the wedding cake.

After collecting the necessary details, the next step that I undertook was to prepare an outline of the cake and the decoration on it using my ideas. I did this with the help of the online tools available for the purpose. This gave me a brief idea about the appearance of the cake after its completion.

Besides these, I also tried out to write up some message in the form of artistic calligraphy on the cake. All these would be really helpful for decorating the wedding cake. Once the designs and the plan for decoration have been finalized, I consulted a cake designer for the same. He advised me some changes in the plan and the final outcome was as desired.

The decoration done on my cake was the point of discussion at the party and got plenty of compliments for the same. The ideas discussed here will help you to decorate your unique wedding cakes.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Yummy Fondant Wedding Cakes

Fondant wedding cakes are very popular as it provides the desired texture to your cake and can decorate it. You can easily create a design on the cake as per your choice. There are ample sources of cakes. Some of these sources include online websites, magazines and bakeries.

Although, the fondant icing is very expensive, it has some advantages. It helps in the proper binding of the ingredients used in the cake as well as in preservation of the cake. It also facilitates the decoration of the cake. You can easily decorate the cake with the help of flowers prepared of fondant or many other accessories that are available.

You can make your own fondant cake. There are plenty of options to choose from. There are some specially designed cakes for themed weddings. You can go in for the best design that would satisfy all your requirements related to the cake.

You can either go in for a single layered cake or go in for an elaborative multi-layered cake for the ceremony. You can easily prepare the cake at your home. You can bake a cake of your choice. The shape of the cake could be either round or square shaped.

Besides these, you can go in for some other shapes such as oval or hexagonal shapes. You can go in for icing of fondant for the cake. These cakes are very popular for winter wedding theme. You can go in for some amazing designs of winter wedding cakes that are available.

There many different methods to apply icing to the cake. They include rolled fondant, pouring the fondant on the cake, or sculpting the fondant as per the desired texture for your cake. The decision for the perfect option would be taken by the baker.

You can bring about some different textures and designs for the cake. However, while placing the icing on the cake, you should be careful that there won’t be any bubbles or cracks while applying it. You have to also make sure that the cake is properly cooled before applying icing on it.

The ideas outlined here will help you to bring about the best fondant wedding cakes for the ceremony.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creative Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding shower cakes are very special as they are special for the bride, the most important person of a wedding. It’s her most special day, so it is only obvious that you choose a wedding shower cakes that is loved by her. If you are the bride and you want to make a spectacular cake for your wedding shower, just keep in mind some of the things like season and theme of your wedding.

You can try out different ideas to make your cake memorable and creative. You would definitely like it when some of your guests would appreciate your creativity and efforts to show your love for your partner. If you are planning for a winter wedding, then plan your shower cake accordingly. You can try out new things on your winter wedding cakes to make them suitable for your shower party.

Make Your Wedding Shower Special

You can opt for simple square wedding cakes and can transform them into superb wedding shower cakes for your winter wedding. One excellent idea would be to make your square cake to be a dinner table with all the typical arrangement of dinner plates and side plates. For this, you would just have to prepare a rectangle shaped fondant large enough to cover the entire cake and you should be able to drape it over the cake like a table cloth.

Use fondant of the exact color as the napkins to be used by the bride for her reception, cut it into small squares and fold them like napkins. In the same way, cut small rounds of fondant of white fondant for dinner and side plates. You can also make glasses out of fondant but this would need expertise, so it would be better if you can just use real small glasses. This would be a real showstopper adding oomph to your wedding shower. You can wow your guests with the fully edible wedding shower cake.

You can also include some girlish ideas like bridal dress cakes, for this you can buy the body from a nearby store and wrap it with fondant of the color of your actual wedding gown. This would add a personal touch to it and you can try to add embellishments or carvings as per the original dress.

You can also use toppers in a very creative way to make your winter wedding cake beautiful. You can choose a beautiful bride in her wedding gown waiting among snowflakes for her groom to come. Such a topper on your cake would not need anything more special. It is important for you to choose and incorporate only those ideas which would suit your budget the best.