Monday, 20 February 2012

Unique Wedding Cake Flavors

Unique wedding cake flavors are never-ending varieties. It becomes really confusing the couple to come down to only one flavor for the cake. I have to undergo this similar dilemma for selecting the perfect and unique flavor for the wedding cakes.

I began searching about the latest trends for the flavors. I prepared the list of the flavors which would be a possible choice for the cakes. I also discussed about these unique flavors with my partner and the friends. They suggested me the best option among them.

Based on this discussion, I selected a very unique wedding cakes flavors for the cake which was a lemon black berry cake. The next step that I undertook is to surf the internet and find out information and recipe for preparing a lemon black berry cake.

In order to begin, I tired preparing this cake at a small scale at the home before making the final attempt for the ceremony. This will also prepare a very beautiful wedding cake for the ceremony. When my attempts to prepare this cake were successful after three unsuccessful attempts, my friends gave me full marks for my fourth attempt.

This boosted up my confidence to prepare a huge cake for more than two hundred guests to be expected to come for the wedding. Later on I sat down to decide about the decoration that can be used to bring out beautiful and alluring effect to the cake.

Some accessories were prepared on my own with the help of fondant. I prepared some lovely flowers for the purpose of decoration. I also visited the local bakeries to find out some beautiful toppers that would match the type of cake prepared by you.

You can go in for the traditional approach for the decorating the cake or try out some innovative ideas. There are toppers available which would resemble the bride and groom. They are available in different poses.

Accessories which are relevant to the different themes can be used for decorating the cake. I hope my experiences would be very helpful for you all to go in for a unique wedding cake flavor.


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